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Calabus  Empty Calabus

on Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:04 am


The Biography

Birth Name: Calabus
Aliases:  The Nightmarish Dream
Gender: Honestly we don't know. So we are just going to put neutral here.
Age:  3,102 years old
Birth Day: Dec. 13
Species/Race Name: A Figment of the Imagination aka Dream Dragon
Original Homeworld Name: The World of Imagination, Dreams, and Spirits
Arcana: Hanged Man
Place of Residence: Well it comes from  the Mountain Biodome, but it is mostly found in the Commercial District at Devi’s theater where it stays as a guest the demon seems to tolerate for some reason or another.
Part/Full Time Job: Spirit/Dream Walker

Calabus  GoFahjP

Calabus is a creature that is about 2 feet long when on all fours and only stands to the height of 1' 5" when on two legs. It is a small light weight creature weighing at the most 20  lbs. It is a creature with fox like features and fur. Its coloration is black with dark gray around the face area and white for the eyes. Its fur is very unruly and it does have scales within its fur that seem to change between faint green and light purple depending on the lighting. It has a very spikey look, but petting the little creature proves it is actually softer than it looks. It does have claws and fangs, but it rarely bites or scratches. It also has a pair of big floppy ears that only adds to the cuteness.

Personality: Calabus is an ancient creature by human standards when looking at age alone; however, its behavior suggests that it may still be a child or perhaps just has no regards for social norms. Calabus is cat like and child like in its behavior and actions. It likes to make mewing sounds, purring, and cuddling up in someone’s arms. It loves food and to play any sort of game and with others. It loves challenges and puzzles and can’t seem to get enough of exploring/adventuring and discovering new things. It is a creature that enjoys hunting and being around nature and seems to make its home wherever it feels the most welcomed.

The creature is helpful and nurturing always wanting to aid and mingle with people, but at the same time it is also intelligent and is comfortable in its own skin. Much like cats, this one can entertain itself for hours with chasing things, pouncing, or with toys like balls or what not. And also like a cat this sweet loving cuddle bot can decide it doesn’t want to be bother or become very mean for no reason. Its mood swings make it tricky to deal with, but it gives fair warning to those around it if it is in a foul mood. Its priority is not to harm if it can be avoided.

Calabus is a creature that speaks in an ancient tongue few know and sings songs long forgotten that connect it with spirits, nature, and technology. It can travel freely between these worlds via songs with the ever present Beast following behind the light used for song. While it loves using the ancient language to explore it also fears it due to the Beast and consequences of using its power. This Beast makes its use of its power a tricky balancing act that can easily put it in a heap of trouble if used too much. Its said that due to the fact that the creature is a creature of both light and dark that the constant pull and give of the powers within cause its mentality to break giving its odd quirks like child like behavior, mood swings, and this inability to really follow or catch onto social norms. Due to being such an odd ball it finds it hard to socialize with others at times, even more so when its way of communicating with those around it is a mix of broken Common tongue, body and sign language.  

As a result of this most view the creature as more of animal rather than a creature that is on a different level than that. Not that the creature minds. Being viewed as cute adorable creature has its perks to you know!

In a nutshell, this little creature is a tricky being to be around, but if one can bear through the bad then they’ll find this loving, spiritual, yet very odd creature enjoyable to be around.

The Potential


Strength Name: Cat Like
Description: Due to having a small frame Calabus is quick on its feet, flexible, acrobatic, and agile. Gives +10% to luck.

Strength Name: Connection to the World
Description:  Calabus is highly connected to the world allowing it to see and interact with spirits, enter and interact with the mind, and also plug into computers to gain data and other things. Due to this it is highly informed and aware of what is happening all around.

Strength Name: Animal Like Senses
Description: Its hearing, smell, and sight are all heightened making it an excellent hunter and tracker of many things. On top of this it has a strong sense of taste giving it the ability to detect many things about a food or object that it places in its mouth that a normal being cannot.

Strength Name:  Intelligent
Description: Calabus is very smart and a quick learner to boot. It loves puzzles and challenges to work through and is always on the look out for more things to do. As a result of being so smart , it is a great problem solver and has a patient bar for things that is longer than most.

Strength Name:  Yume: The Songstress of Dreams
Description: Calabus way of communicating to the spirits, dreams, nature, and technology of the world is through song. Every song has power to it allowing it to communicate with things around it to get things like trees to grow, animals to obey its command, spirits to cooperate with it, and computer data to bow to its whims.. Outside of battle it has a variety of uses, but within battle it is used to cast its spells which appears as animals or objects on the field. Being a power based in Light means the creature is strong against Light based attacks on the battlefield.
Racial Strength Name: Flight
Description:  Calabus can shift its arms into wings allowing it to fly around as much as likes and to wherever it needs to go.


Weakness Name: Small Frame
Description: Being cat like and fast is all good, but man when something actually hits this little creature it hurts alot! +10% damage from physical based skill attacks.

Weakness Name: Overload
Description: Being connected to everything means this creature gets a ton of information and other things crowding in on its senses...and as a result it can feel and experience all the bad stuff to the point where it can overwhelm the little creature causing headaches, dizziness, or in the worse cases cause it to pass out from it all.

Weakness Name: Sensitivity to Extremes
Description: While its senses are indeed heightened it comes at the cost of being more sensitive than the average Joe to sounds, smells, and bright lights. Too much of either can cause pain, blindness, and confusion for the little creature. On top of this, due to a heightened sense of taste it can only eat really bland foods as too much flavor can cause its taste buds to overload from all the flavors and in turn make it sick.

Weakness Name:  Overthinker
Description:  Calabus loves to think and in turn loves to be kept busy and challenge; however, take that away from it and the creature can become bored and in turn start to think and think and think. Its over thinking can lead to bad decisions and also agitation and frustration for the creature that honestly wants some peace and quiet at times.

Weakness Name: Akumu: The Bard of Darkness
Description: The songs that Calabus sings are beautiful indeed, but they hold a sense of danger and malice to them as well. Despite being a shadow, Calabus fears this darkness that causes it pain and threatens  to take it and drive it over the edge every time it performs a song. As a result of this everything created with song has a time limit before it decays and becomes dangerous. Within battle this fear and pain appears as a weakness to Dark based attacks.

Racial Weakness Name: Flight Errors
Description:  As much as flight is fun to do, this little creature is bound by its rules. Heavy winds, extreme climates, and weather are all examples of things that can impact how long the creature is willing to fly or if it chooses to stay on the ground where it is safer.  

Soul Bound Weapon: (This is the weapon you'll be able to summon to your hand while in combat. This weapon is special for your character specifically and allows you to fight Shadows and Demons without the need of summoning your Persona. This can be anything but a Gun (Or gun related weapon))

Weapon Name: The Songstress's Love
Weapon Description: The Songstress's Love is a trident that is approximately 2 feet in length. It is a staff like item that comes to three prongs at the end. The prongs look pointy and dangerous, but are honestly blunt as the weapon was not designed to kill. It is made of a strange ivory shell colored material that is highly durable and it is decorated with turquoise jewels embedded in the handle and hanging off of black strings around the neck of the weapon. Due to its look it was more than likely suppose to be used for decoration rather than combat.
Weapon Attack Type: Strike
Weapon Element: (Leave this blank. Only special weapons obtain an element behind its blows.)

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name:  The Bard's Wrath
Side-Arm Description:  It appears as a spear made of shadows and blood red energy. It is a jagged weapon that crackles and hisses like lighting. It is thrown at an enemy for damage.
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Revolver - Single Shot - Accuracy is increased by 20%. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.

The Background

History: There was once a pair of twins - one of Light and One of Dark - that existed in the world. These twins had vast powers that ruled over the mind, dreams, imagination, spirits, and technology. They were powerful, but were not war beings. Instead they were peaceful beings that lived in harmony with one another. The first and oldest of the twins was the Lady in Black, Yume - The Songstress of Light. With her beautiful melodies she breathe life and joy into the world and made it hum with bliss and wonder. The other was the Man in White, Akumu - The Bard of Darkness. With his deadly melodies, he drew the dead to him and collected all negative things in the world into himself to keep the world of Light from ever having to suffer from such sad or malicious things. The younger twin’s job was harsh and often wore him down, but his sister kept him strong and as long as they were together the world remained at peace.

It is sad then that the story of happiness could not continue on its way for there were others out there that saw the twins powers as something to be used for their own gain. After all, a master of the mind, body, soul, and technology had infinite ways to rule the world and never be challenged. Ultimate Power - that is what the twins were to those with less pure motives in mind.

And so those of greed and lust came to capture the twins. An empire known as Anteratham was the ones to succeed in their mission of capturing and separating the twins. Without mercy, they made Yume the mother of all their vile creations forcing her to sing life into twisted beasts of flesh, chemical, metal and wire that they then unleashed upon the world and all who opposed them. For Akumu, they kept him locked up overloading him with the pain of the world and when he could not take any more they forced him to play songs that brought death, sickness, and destruction upon the world. With the two twins at their disposal, the Anteratham Empire flourished for many years until one day, the twins were exhausted and had no more power to give.

Overconfident from their years of wins, Anteratham threw away their old toys and moved forward with new ones even more destructive than what the twins combined could do. They left the pair alone to die in a dying world, but the twins had one last trick up their sleeve. Gathering their strength, they combined their powers to form a being of both light and darkness simply known as the Guardian. This Guardian used its immense power to destroy the world which is was born on and the Antherathamins. WIthin in one night the world that Akumu and Yume once ruled, the twins, and the monsters that had come to them were gone. Erased from time and history...or so the world thought.

It is unknown how many years actually passed, but about 3000 or so years ago, a strange egg appeared in the world and from it came a strange creature that was made of shadows and yet could somehow wield the powers of Light. This small creature had no gender or a name. It didn’t have a family or seemed to belong to the world it was on and yet...this creature was in love with the world around it and everything in it the moment it opened its eyes. The creature could sing songs that caught the spirits attention, had Nature turning her eyes to it, and even had electronics clicking to communicate with it.

When this creature sang such beauty came from it and the world itself was at peace, but only for a short time. The more the creature sang, the more it began to hurt and the more it hurt the more its song changed becoming dark and malicious. All the beauty was drained away by these dark songs and decay and horror would replace it instead. The creature did not understand this. Why was its songs making things so beautiful and horrible at once? And why did its songs bring it pain and make it so afraid of the Darkness it was made of? What was it? Why did it exist?

It was these sorts of questions that caused the little creature to begin a journey to discover exactly who it or what it was. It began searching long and hard for the answer picking up snippets here and there about the ancient twins that supposedly had its powers too. Its travels took it across many lands, but never any closer to its goal. It took over 3,000 years to finally find a solid clue in the mess and just when the creature reached for it, the city known as Junction appeared and snatched it away from that world that held the very first glimmer of the truth for the creature.

The creature now known as Calabus has been on Juction for over a hundred years waiting and praying it will go back to that world where it had been so close to discovering itself and its reason for being. It has waited and will continue to wait as it hunts the new worlds it encounters for other clues. However, maybe the truth is alot closer to it than it thinks....

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Calabus  Empty Re: Calabus

on Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:51 pm
Not this one. Hmmm. DO IT AGAIN and add tons and tons of trash cans and regretti for the madness.
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