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Crow Empty Crow

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:49 pm
Crow VA9xHrf
Crow Rend

"Life's like a bomb. It's a ticking mass getting passed around until it explodes in someone's hands. We all play the hot potato, don't you think?"

The Biography

Birth Name: Crow Rend
Aliases: The Black Flash
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birth Day: 30th of December
Species/Race Name: Chimera
Original Homeworld Name: Aspharax
Arcana: Death
Place of Residence: The Top Ward
Vessel: A silver wristwatch
Academy Semester: Nah, too busy with life for that.
Class: -

Part/Full Time Job: Owner of a bar/club (in the Middle Ward); dancer

Crow PNSnL3K

Despite being a Chimera, which many would probably imagine as a beast of mixed animals, Crow looks fairly humanoid for his race. Standing at approximately 5'10" (178cm), the man is fairly light, weighing about 105 lbs (48kg). Crow sports ashen colored skin, paired with black eyes, the whites of which have a yellow tint. His ears are slightly larger than normal, and are sharp tipped, akin to that of an elf. He has short, black and messy hair, which has two small yellow/orange colored (like candy corn, y'know) horns poking out of it. His teeth are sharp, like that of a canine.

Crow tends to dress in a range from casual to fancy, depending on his mood and the occasion. His trademark favorite seem to be clothes with the pisces zodiac sign on them, but he can really be seen in a variety of outfits. He commonly has his nails painted either black or yellow, and can sometimes even be seen wearing a pair of glasses, even though he doesn't need them for his eyesight. One thing he's basically never without is the silver wristwatch of his, as he fancies it a lot and it usually goes along well with whatever else he has on anyway.


Generally appearing as an outgoing, more extroverted person, Crow pays tribute to his entertainer persona, giving off a bold, yet mostly approachable vibe. Able to come up with random jokes on spot, and willing to carry on a conversation, he's typically seen as an active person both in body and mind. There can, from time to time, be a more snarky, almost rude-ish undertone to his choice of words and actions, the Chimera man being used to needing to push to get ahead in life. Nevertheless, he isn't inherently an actually violent person, as much as it is up to others to decide how they want to interpret his behavior.

However, his outward persona doesn't necessarily always match what is really on the inside. Crow knows he needs to keep up his game to stay in the position he has now, but deep down he kind of hates it at the same time. Being surrounded by lots of fake and pompous people who just want to watch him when he's being entertaining leaves a sour taste, and to an extent, the man isn't completely happy with his current style of life. It brings its own set of challenges, but as they say, 'what goes up has to eventually come back down', and as such, he works on finding ways to change his status quo whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The Potential


Strength Name: Dance Floor Moves (+10% Luck)
With the role of a professional dancer for entertainment, Crow's quite a natural at the art, which also provides him with a good flexibility/agility and the ability to move around smoothly and with grace.

Strength Name: Trigger Handler (+15% Gun Damage)
Aiming to spice up basic dancing, Crow is known for often using items during his performances as well, fake guns and the like being quite a common occurrence. Due to that, he's learned how to handle and use them well to make it seem natural for his shows, thus allowing him to also manipulate them quick and aim efficiently where he wants to, to deal higher bullet damage.

Strength Name: Pain Enthusiast
Crow is a bit of a masochist, and actually seems to enjoy the feeling of pain, contrary to most who would try to get away from its source as fast as possible. He's not one to be afraid of getting hurt, and seems to in fact get a thrill from engaging in activities that cause some sort of pain. His base pain tolerance is higher than the typical average as well.

Strength Name: Code Hack
When not being busy with his business and life, Crow has a side hobby of coding on computers, and even a little bit of experimental hacking. While he doesn't spend enough time on it to be the best of the best, he is still quite good at handling computer systems and working out issues and challenges related to that.

Strength Name: Advert Bonus (15% price discount when buying gun bullets)
Due to the fact that he often shows off guns and the like in his performances, Crow is typically a favorite customer when it comes to equipment related to that, as businesses tend to like being advertised through their own products. He seems pretty good at getting himself discounts.


Racial Strength Name:
The Blitzer
Through the combinations in his DNA, Crow has acquired an ability to move unusually fast. He can accelerate up to 60 k/h | 37 m/h (or 16 m/s), making him exceptionally good at tasks that involve a lot of fast moving about in any way or form.

In combat, this grants him an additional 40% Crit chance to his gun specifically, as his speediness coupled with his gun handling skills allows him to take opponents off guard a lot easier.


Weakness Name: Grounded Energy (-10% SP)
Most of Crow's general focus is on the physical aspects of his body, on top of the fact that being a Chimera gives him a sort of chaotic internal make up, making it harder for him to harness mental and magical energies properly.

Weakness Name: Weak Push (-15% Dex Damage)
Crow's a fast one, alright, but his body mass and stature isn't designed for a powerful strength output, making him less efficient at combat situations that involve stuff such as kicks and punches, as well as when handling close combat weapons. He might be quick to land a hit, but likely won't be packing a huge amount of force behind it.

Weakness Name: Popularity Tax (+15% on Node Prices)
Yeah, he might be good at being an ad for certain things, but when it comes to merchandise that shouldn't be waved around, the situation turns around pretty quickly. He might need to pay some extras to convince them to sell him those...

Weakness Name: Social Crab
Outgoing as Crow can be, he is known to have a bit of a rude quirk, and can come off somewhat insulting to people who aren't used to his type of approach. On top of that, he is often annoyed with his current lifestyle and status deep down, making him unintentionally come off crabby on the outside during those moods. Especially to people who remind him of the things he isn't satisfied with somehow.

Weakness Name: Insomniac
Crow can be quite the restless man, dealing with a good chunk of internal stresses and disturbances behind his outgoing mask, whether due to his current life or his past. It typically manifests in the form of episodes of insomnia, as well as potential extra irritation when he hasn't had a good night's sleep.

Racial Weakness Name:
Thin Foil
Using such high speed drains a lot of energy the faster you go, and the longer the time period is, and he will get tired if he zooms about excessively. To help him gain such speeds, his body does have a lighter and less sturdy make up, also causing him to be blown back much easier when he does get caught and hit. Same goes for his own ability to dish out powerful direct blows.

In combat, this gives opponents an additional 20% Crit chance for any and all phys based attacks, as well as makes him unable to land a Crit with his soulbound weapon.

Soul Bound Weapon:

Weapon Name: Rubix
Weapon Description: A 5 feet (152cm) long dark gray spear with white crystal like adornments, as well as a ruby resembling hard/sharp tip which is used to stab opponents.
Weapon Image: Rubix
Weapon Attack Type: Pierce
Weapon Element: -

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Piercers
Side-Arm Description: A pair of somewhat fancy designed black guns, with glowing light blue markings on their front halves.
Side-Arm Image: Piercers
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Machine Gun - Muti-Round - Accuracy is decreased by 30%. Consumes 3 types of ammo at once to fire -must be same type of ammo.

The Background


"People want to know the things even I can't remember? What a bummer..."

Crow had been born and lived in the world of Aspharax for around the first 7 years of his life, although it would seem that the Chimera man cannot seem to remember a whole lot from his life prior to having been whisked away to Junction one day. Perhaps he had suffered some sort of amnesia? Not even he knows, albeit the chances are fairly high, as his race tended to go through frequent gruesome wars which stemmed from jealousy due to how diverse each individual could happen to be, and certain people not being able to accept the fact that they weren't as good/strong as some others. What exactly caused his memory blackout remains a mystery, and even more so since the day that Junction swooped him away from his home, the curious child having wandered into the towering structure by himself.

Despite his sense of life and existence being in a bit of a disarray after he had woken up stuck in the new world after a Jump, Crow kept living on, deciding to push his way through and perhaps one day figure out the entire mess. Once a young child scavenging the streets and spying on other people's ways of life, the Chimera man has in time become a more known figure himself, starting his own business that allows him to observe large crowds while he attempt to make sense of reality in the backstage of it all...
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