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Calabus Reyn and Mochi  Empty Calabus Reyn and Mochi

on Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:54 pm

Reyn and Mochi

"Can prisons that exist in the mind be broken out of?"

The Biography

Birth Name: Calabus Reyn and Mochi
Aliases: Calbus: Cal, Callie, Cala. Mochi: Chi, Memai
Gender: Calbus: Male Mochi: Genderless
Age: Calabus: 24 Mochi: 11 years old
Birth Day: Dec. 13
Species/Race Name: Calabus is a Fairy and Mochi is a...unique piece of art to say the least.
Original Homeworld Name: Malexia
Arcana: Hanged Man
Place of Residence: In a secluded spot located in the Top Ward
Evoker: A small skull he crushes
Academy Semester: NA
Class: NA

Full Time Job: A creator of puppets, machines, sets, animations, stop animation, graphical art, and computer animated shows that are used on websites, web shows, live shows, and art galleries.


Calabus Reyn and Mochi  Y06th5x

When a person thinks of a fairy, they think of something feminine, pretty, relatively small and something with wings, right? Well throw those ideas out the window because Calabus is not your ordinary fairy. In fact looking at the guy you would probably mistaken him for a demon or some other form of creature.

He is a ash grey color so pale some say his skin looks like powder sugar instead. His hair is jet black short and wild in its own way. From his head there are a set of two orangish gold horns in the pattern of a candy corn stripes. His eyes are mismatched one a deep blue and the other a deep red. The color seems to fill both of his eyes completely making for a strange sight since it seems he has no pupils or iris. He typically keeps his eyes hidden behind his shades that matches his eyes in there dual color scheme.  He has fangs that poke out from lips, but don't seem to bother his speech too much.  He is about 5'8" in height and weighs 140 lbs. He has lean and athletic body looking body for someone who does not seem to be into sports or heavy exercising. As far as clothing goes he typically wears casual clothing that are kept clean and neat. He likes to wear jackets and usually always has his glasses or goggles with him when out and about. As far as jewelry goes he wears earrings, chokers, and brackets here and there and seems to favor chains in some cases too.

Calabus Reyn and Mochi  GoFahjP

Mochi about 12 inches long when on all fours and only stands to the height of 5 inches when on two legs. It is a small lightweight creature weighing at the most 8 lbs. It is a creature with fox like features and fur. Its coloration is black with dark gray around the face area and white for the eyes. Its fur is very unruly and it does have spines within its fur that seem to change between faint green and light purple depending on the lighting. It has a very spikey look, but petting the little creature proves it is actually softer than it looks. It does have claws and fangs, but it rarely bites or scratches. It also has a pair of big floppy ears that only adds to the cuteness.


Calabus: Calabus is a hermit. That is the best way to describe the guy in one word. He stays inside most of the time, venturing out when he needs to do things such as buy the necessities to live and take out trash. When out and about the young man does whatever he can to get his tasks done and over with in the most quick and efficient manner possible without coming off as weird or awkward as hell. He prefers dealing with self check outs versus dealing with a person. He is high strung out in public jumpy and panicky even if he appears as cool as a cucumber on the outside.

He is extremely shy making it very hard for him to interact normally with people, making the few that have encountered him scratch their heads and wonder how he even functions on his own. His behavior has made many employers turn him away; however, his current employer gave him a chance and found that while Calabus has tons of issues when it comes to people and interacting with society, give him a task he can work on his own and watch him work wonders.

Calabus is an artistic individual and very intelligent to boot. He is a natural at dealing with machines, programs, pen, paper or whatever other material is thrown at him to construct into art forms. He is very good at what he does and loves his job. He likes it when people enjoy his work and leave comments on the sites, web shows, or sends in mail with compliments. He even likes the negative to improve and perfect the art. He loves it all as long as he is allowed to stay in the shadows and away from the people. As soon as he faced with the idea of going out it makes him sick, making him a very mysterious artist in the world considering he won't put much out there about himself or personal life.

When he is not working, he is on the computer chatting to online folk, playing games, reading, or doing anything that can be done inside or in the safety of his space bubble. While he does stay in a lot, he does have some areas around the home where he can go outside to tend to his gardens and enjoy the fresh air. Much like his home the gardens are enclosed to keep anyone from seeing him or onto his premises.

Needless to say, Calabus does not have physical friends. He considers the online folk his friends and seems to be unable to connect to "real" people correctly due to his issues and the fact he can't seem to attach himself to them like he can to the online people or his creations he makes. One would think this makes him lonely, but to be honest he is fine on his own; however, he knows his way of life is not good or healthy.
Though how to fix the problem....well he is working on that.

Mochi: Mochi is cat like and child like in its behavior and actions. It likes to make mewing sounds, purring, and cuddling up in someone’s arms. It loves food and to play any sort of game and with others when it has the chance to. It is social and has no regards for personal space not fearing to get in others space to examine things or to be loved. This creature is the polar opposite of Calabus and for one reason or another chose to live with him and in turn the young man allows it. Mochi acts like a pet to Calabus and also support for his issues. It gives him comfort and supports him through his panic attacks and social issues. It helps keep him calm and collected when he needs to be. And for some unknown reason it allows Calabus to sync up with it psychically to be used as a weapon or other things. Past this, Mochi and its motives are a mystery to be frank.

The Potential


Strength Name: Quick Feet (+10% to Luck)
Description: Calabus is surprisingly agile, acrobatic, flexible and cat like in his reflexes despite his life style. As a result he is a good runner, but also pretty good about physically avoiding things too.

Strength Name: Focused (Double Dex Attack (with 20% miss chance)
Description: Calbus is a mentally focused individual in all his actions and work. As a result he performs excellent and above average in whatever he has set out to conquer. In battle, this focus allows him to connect with Mochi and concentrate past his fear and actually channel his powers into Mochi to give it the ability to attack twice in one go.

Strength Name: Artistic Hand
Description: Anything you give him whether physical or digital, the guy can transform it into beautiful art pieces. As a result of how good he is with this he is well known for his art and it is sought after by many for business, entertainment and personal collections.

Strength Name: Data Analyzer
Description: Calabus spends an unhealthy amount of time on the computer when he is not working absorbing all sorts of data and complying it in his mind and storing it for who knows what. As a result of this he is great at analyzing data, breaking it down, and creating things to make that data easy to understand. And what he doesn't have? Well he has his own ways of finding it. Let's leave it at that.

Strength Name: Genius
Description: The guy is smart. Very smart. He makes complex work look like child play's and puzzles of any sort will typically eat the dust when given to him. His smarts goes into his work and in turn causes him to always look outside of the box to make something new and creative no one else has seen before. It is this smarts that gives his work no matter what it is its quirky quality.

Racial Strength Name: Psychic
Description: Calabus is not a magical fairy, but rather a fairy that has the odd ability to use his mind as a weapon. Being a psychic this means he can do things such as push/pull things without touching them, lift things into the air, levitate, pull his energy and release it as an attack, catch things on fire, etc. etc. If he can think it he can do it. As a result his mind is pretty strong making him strong against alignments in battle. This also is the ability that allows him to connect and use Mochi in battles.


Weakness Name: Don't Stop Moving (10% more damage from physical based skills)
Description: Being quick is all great and all, but what happens if one is tripped up or cannot run and actually gets hit? Calabus will tell you what happens. You end up in a world of pain.

Weakness Name: Magic is Not my Friend (10% more damage from magic attacks)
Description: Being a being that uses power based from his mind, the young man's mind isn't that strong at comprehending how to handle what is not based in the mind, meaning magic kind of baffles him and he honestly doesn't get it. As a result of this, if he gets smacked by magic attacks they hurt him a lot more than they would the average Joe.

Weakness Name: You're not perfect
Description: Being a person that not only wants his work perfect, but also different Calabus often destroys, starts over, or make something chaotic when he becomes frustrated or thinks something is not right with his work. As a result he always sees his work as just alright and not the beauty others see it as. This negative out look and striving towards perfection also appears on the way he views himself and shows up in the way he talks or in the darker works he hides.

Weakness Name:  Overload
Description: Calabus is an addict to the computer and his work. He loves data and creating things to the point he overdoes it and sometimes forgets to rest or eat. As a result of this, the guy is prone to being tired a lot of the time and a mood swinger to boot. Under it all, the guy is unpredictible and can change within a blink without any logical reason.

Weakness Name: Socially Handicapped
Description: As if the above stuff wasn't bad enough, let's add this one. As mentioned in his personality he is shy, anxious, panicky and jumpy and just does not know how to behave or act in the normal  when face-to-face with the living. The only things that doesn't phase him in this category are animals and machines. For one reason or another he gets along with these sorts just fine.

Racial Weakness Name: Double Edge Sword
Description: While Calabus's mind is strong, on the off chance that he does get hit by aliment they have to tendency to last longer than usual. Alignments last 1 turn longer when they strike Calabus. Outside of battle this translates into fatigue, headaches, and even physical harm if he over uses his powers too much. The longer he uses them, the worse the price he pays when he is not using them. In battle, the fatigue is still there it just wears him down slower than outside of battle does. On top of this, since it allows him to connect with Mochi in battle, it also means these two share and feel what the other feels and experiences in battle situations.

Soul Bound Weapon: (This is the weapon you'll be able to summon to your hand while in combat. This weapon is special for your character specifically and allows you to fight Shadows and Demons without the need of summoning your Persona. This can be anything but a Gun (Or gun related weapon))

Weapon Name: Mochi
Weapon Description: Please look at appearance section for this. This is the same Mochi that is with Calabus all the time. It follows him into battle to face the supernatural making it unique in the fact it is not dismissed or summoned. When in battle, it is connected to Calabus being able to hear thoughts and commands the guy gives it without them having to be spoken out loud. What Calabus does is channel some of his psychic energy into Mochi who then uses that power to deal with the enemy. Calabus typically stays in the back lines versus going up close and personal.
Weapon Image: Mochi
Weapon Attack Type: Strike
Weapon Element: (Leave this blank. Only special weapons obtain an element behind its blows.)

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Mochi
Side-Arm Description: Mochi's spines will glow certain colors to show what sort of power it is about to unleash. Pulling in the energy that Calabus provides it, the creatures spines will glow before it shoots them out towards the enemy with such force and power that it feels like a bullet going right into ya when they strike.
Side-Arm Image: See above
Side-Arm Attack Type: Gun
Side-Arm Style:  Revolver - Single Shot - Accuracy is increased by 20%. Consumes only one type of ammo per use. Can shoot only one enemy at a time.

The Background


When it comes to Calabus's history he is surprisingly tight lipped about anything that happened before the age of 13. No amount of poking or prodding will get him to say anything suggesting that something about his past really bothers him. What supports this more is the fact that he becomes very anxious and upset when pressed about it and if pushed to far, he will even become aggressive about it and snap at folks to get them to back off. As a result of this, what is gathered is what has happened since he has been on Junction.

At the age of 13 Junction appeared in his world and seeing it as a form of escape from something, he willing entered the place and became a resident of it.  As far as his life in Junction, it has been pretty rough. His social issues and anxieties have always been there meaning he didn't make any close friends. He stayed holed up in places working in a digital fashion to make money with his art as he watched the world from a window, but never interacted with it. After about a year of living this way, Calabus decided to try and do something about his issues by searching online for tools and techniques used to help with issues such as his. He tried a few tools and techniques, but nothing seemed to work. Frustrated, he thought to give up on ever fixing his issue, but then the solution to his problem came to him unexpectedly.

Enter Mochi, a strange creature that for whatever reason decided that no matter what Calabus was going to be its friend. It started in the normal fashions you know? Following and creeping out the guy at the grocery store, making the guy almost have a mental breakdown when it got in his house and decided to stay no matter how much he tried to get it out, kept following him around until finally after two months of it all Calbus finally confronted it and asked it wanted it wanted. It’s response? Mochi. Natrually this confused the young man, but in the end he gave the creature his name and pretty much that was that.

After names were given Mochi became a constant in Calabus’s life. At first this was nerve wrecking, but over time he got used to the creature to the point that he would panic and worry about it if the little creature went missing. Mochi was able to help the guy walk easier when in public and even do some things he wouldn’t dare try otherwise. The creature has been with him since he was 14 and while it has not been able to get rid of the guy’s hermit like behavior or anxiousness around folk, it has become a reliable friend for the guy. Even though he often wonders where it came from and why of all the people in Junction it has come to him.

He has been wondering this for 10 years and has yet to crack the mystery; however, it seems the mystery that is Mochi may be the last of his worries as an even stranger mystery has opened up. One that is changing and rocking the city of Junction...
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Calabus Reyn and Mochi  Empty Re: Calabus Reyn and Mochi

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:11 am
Completed and used.
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