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Reconstruction of characters - Test Thread anyone can join.  Empty Reconstruction of characters - Test Thread anyone can join.

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:59 am

The world of the living and the dead were strange spots to be in. Each had their own perception of each other and each had rules that kept them apart. Their were travelers of course, spirits that enjoyed living outside of their paradises and helping the humans from behind the scenes. While there were others that sought to harm and cause chaos. It was these more malicious spirits that had to be dealt with by guardians or warriors trained in sending them black to the hells they came from. Warriors that used to be in abundance, but as time went on became scarce. Time ticked on until there were only two left, a pair of twins that used to roam the lanes between keeping the order at the borders and keeping humans safe. Their life and tasks were simple, but all that changed when a disruption from the outside shook their world and ripped them from that strange realm of life and death and placed them in the world of the living.

Junction...a strange city that appeared out of nowhere, plucked them from their home, and made them part of it. This city was the change that forced them into the light of the living world and forced them to quickly learn and adapt to a place that was largely foreign to them. It was a place that in time they called home and found more or less peaceful until the strange jump had occurred that seemed to throw the world into chaos. Strange beasts appeared and spirits once calm became hostile, forcing the twins to come out of their easy lives as smith and shop owner and resume their jobs of keeping the living and the spirits at peace with one another. Their life could be stressful, but neither complained. They did what they had to do and enjoyed any time off given.

A break ironically happened today, the pair deciding to go to the beach to relax a bit after dealing with a rather annoying spirit that had a love for breaking pots in one of the stores. Sitting on the sands the red headed demon like man would watch the waves and listen to the sounds of the water as the salty air blew against his face. Leaning his head against his knees he would close green eyes and relax as his other half a blonde demon like man remained standing next to him with hands his pocket as he stared at the horizon quietly.

WIthout talking these two strange men would remain observing the beach communicating without speaking when needed as they did their best to relax even with air so stung with stress - the stress of the world - around them as things in Junction kept turning, turning, turning in peculiar ways.
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