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Lunairllie Empty Lunairllie

on Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:42 am

These puny mortals never stood a chance against The Great Sea Queen!

The Biography

Birth Name: Lunairllie
Aliases: Luna, The Great Dragon of the Sea, Sea Queen, The Great Sea Queen
Gender: Female
Age: 1,815 (Roughly equivalent of 18 years old to human standards.)
Birth Day: 4th January
Species/Race Name: Great Sea Dragon
Original Homeworld Name: Shadow's Reccreation
Arcana: Emperor
Place of Residence: Aquatic Bio Dome

Academy Semester: N/A
Class: N/A

Part/Full Time Job: Scavenges the ocean.

Lunairllie 1AT1HJt

Luna is a dragon like creature, whom is fairly reptilian in nature. She has light red scales across the vast majority of her entire body with cream coloured patches in places such as her belly, around her eyes and mouth, around her ears, on the underside of her tail as well as with some patches on her legs and down her tail that seem to form interesting looking patterns. The dragon stands at 3'5" tall and weighing roughly 75 pounds, which increases to around 84 pounds when her aquatic organ is full. Her tail is exceptionally long, being nearly twice as long as she is tall reaching a total of 1.8 meters in length. The tip of her tail is different from the rest, being exceptionally sharp and pointed, just before this sharp area there is also a green spiked circle that seems to float around her tail. This circle often spins around slowly, creating a static charge that is stored within Luna's tail. She also has a set of light red wings that reach out roughly 0.5 meters each when fully unfurled.

Usually Luna doesn't wear much in the way of clothing, though when she feels like it has been found to wear quite a number of different things depending on her mood. However a usual stable for her is to wear a black and green scarf around her neck that has patches of red around the collar. Despite being reptilian, she does have hair on her head which is almost identical in colour to her light red scales, almost blending in at places. Again not always, but she can sometimes be found with charms tied into her hair. Finally her eyes are a strange assortment of colours, having yellow outsides, turquoise iris's and red pupils.

Personality: Lunairllie's personality is a weird one, she comes across at first glance as playful, light-hearted and even childish. Enjoying stupid games and making everything a needless competition to show off as often as she can. Though she is a very demanding person deep down, she likes everything to be her way, for people to treat her with respect and for puny mortals to understand her greatness. She enjoys rough housing, not necessarily going as far to properly maim people. Though fighting those who get in her way is often a much more fun option than to keep bickering with them. Despite her natural assertive nature, Luna can calm down to people she's known a good while or people who don't openly insult her every chance they get. To Luna, even a small amount of praise can go along way. Just know that when the Great Dragon wants something, she will do just about anything for it.

The Potential

Strengths: (Anything your character is skilled in, such as Martial Arts/ Drawing/ etc? You are allowed a maximum of five strengths and a minimum of three.)

Strength Name: Mind The Zap
Description: Something interesting about Luna's body is the addition of a few extra organs most creatures don't seem to have, one of these for her case is located in the tip of her tail. The green ring that circles the end of her tail creates a constantly building static shock that is stored within this small organ in her tail. This then allows her to zap people with her tail willingly, though this doesn't often do much on its own other than be a mild annoyance to whoever she shocked, within combat she uses it to help power the static charge of her attacks. (Static shock gains +10% chance to hit.)

Strength Name: What Comes Around... Hits Twice!
Description: Well, Luna already has to spin herself around to slash out with her tail to attack someone in close combat. And trust me her tail is sharp, you don't want to be on the receiving end of that. Though if she already has the momentum of the first hit, why not keep going to strike again? (Counts as a double dex strength.)

Strength Name: Water-Gauge SeaShells
Description: Luna's gun is specifically her own, literally she fires a jet of water from an organ inside her body. This organ uses water that she can boil as its primary ammunition, and as much as she still requires usual bullets to allow it to fire and cause soul damage. She is able to fire her jet as a shotgun using only two bullets per shot instead of the usual three.

Strength Name: Deep Water Gliding
Description: Luna practically lives most of her live exploring the depths of the ocean and alongside that her body is practically designed to glide through masses of water with ease, allowing her to swim at very high speeds and breathe whilst underwater. On top of this, she is able to utilize the small wings on her back to sort of glide, this often doesn't get her very far and cannot gain her height. Though she has been known to use these in combination to launch herself out of the sea at high speeds to then glide the airs above for a short while.

Strength Name: Gamer Geek
Description: Luna loves games, all kinds of games. Though especially computer games. With the flashing colours and all the high action and awesomeness, she's played them for hundreds of years now and is still not bored. Her skills with them are pretty advanced from all the practice too!

((Racial Strength: This is where you put any special powers that your race is capable of. This area is where your character truly comes alive. Things such as flight, shape shifting, or anything else your race can do is put here. This strength will be heavily scrutinized to ensure balance.)

Racial Strength Name: Aquatic Organs
Description: Within Luna's anatomy, she has an assortment of quite unique organs that even others of her kind don't seem to have anything of the sort. The main new organ she does make use of is one that allows her to store up to four liters of water inside. This water is kept fresh and preserved whilst within this organ and Luna is able to expel the water from her mouth to use it for various things, including shooting it at high velocities. However the most interesting effect this organ has is the ability to boil the water up to extreme temperatures, causing steam to escape from her nose as the water reaches boiling temperatures.

Because of this ability, any gun based attack used by Luna has a 20% chance to not consume ammo per shot fired. In addition any target hit by Luna's gun attack is counted as being "wet" for three turns. A target that is considered "wet" will double the base chances that static shock has to affect them. (AoE 10>20%, Single Target 20>40%)

Weaknesses: (You must have the same amount of weaknesses as strengths. These weaknesses pertain to you and not your Persona. IE: Physically Weaker, lack of attention span, etc.)

Weakness Name: Stop Polluting!
Description: It's bad and its ruining the waters! Makes everything taste icky when she has to store water inside herself too. Shudders. Luna will not like anyone she catches polluting water, especially the ocean in the ocean biodome. (Also +10% more likely to be affected by poison.)

Weakness Name: Taunting Attitude
Description: Luna is almost constantly undermining her enemies and taunting them, often times causing them to become angry with her. Because of this, in combat Luna counts as two targets for an enemy to attack when GM is deciding what target each enemy is attacking. (This does NOT mean she gets hit twice by AoE attacks.)

Weakness Name: Who Even Likes The Cold!?
Description: Not a fan, not at all. Beaches and sun is nice! Cold and snow is bad. Another reason why her special organs are so useful to warm herself up when she is cold! Though a sudden burst of cold really puts Luna on edge. (Takes +10% damage from Ice based attacks.)

Weakness Name: Strictly Carnivorous
Description: Luna eats meat and only meat. Usually fish are her favourite and go to considering there are so many widely available in the ocean. Though she refuses to eat anything other than meat and often times even prefers to eat things raw than cooked making her quite fussy and awkward in most civil eating scenarios.

Weakness Name: Extreme Ego
Description: Luna is the Great Dragon of the Sea. She is an immortal dragon whom controls an entire section of Junction! (Or so she tells herself.) Puny mortals are no match to be in her presence especially if they're being mean! Nice ones are okay for a bit of fun. Luna has a really hard time getting on with people who insult her right off the bat.

((Racial Weakness: If you take a Racial Strength, you are required to take a racial weakness. This weakness must tie into your racial Strength and will be looked over just as heavily.)

Racial Weakness Name: Scalding Heat
Description: Despite the fact it is inbuilt into her body for use, and the fact her body is designed to handle extreme temperatures she can boil water to inside of herself. Luna tends to go a little overboard from what she can reasonably handle, whether it be because of her undying ego or just in the heat of the moment kind of thing. She tends to burn herself lightly whenever she uses her water jets to attack within combat. (Using a gun attack costs Luna 5% of her maximum HP alongside the bullets consumed. She also has a 20% chance to cause Searing Burn on herself, losing an additional 15% of her max HP.)

Soul Bound Weapon: (This is the weapon you'll be able to summon to your hand while in combat. This weapon is special for your character specifically and allows you to fight Shadows and Demons without the need of summoning your Persona. This can be anything but a Gun (Or gun related weapon))

Weapon Name: Slicing Whip Tail
Weapon Description: Luna uses her own tail as a form of attacking her foes. The tail itself is extremely long for the size of her, reaching a total distance of 1.8 meters. However the actual part she slashes with is the very tip as this is part of her tail becomes very sharp and pointed, this end piece that she hits with is 0.3 meters long.
Weapon Image: Found on most images of her.
Weapon Attack Type: Slash
Weapon Element: (Leave this blank. Only special weapons obtain an element behind its blows.)

Side-Arm Weapon:

Side-Arm Name: Water-Gauge Shotgun Jet
Side-Arm Description: An organ sort of like a pouch found inside of Luna can store up to 4 liters of water inside of it, using this water in conjunction with bullets provided she can cause her water jets to do some serious damage. She is able to fairly accurately shoot water up to 10 meters away from her position.
Side-Arm Image: You don't want to see a close up image.
Side-Arm Attack Type:: Gun
Side-Arm Style: Shotgun - Scatter Shot - Accuracy is decreased by 30%. Consumes 3 types of ammo at once to fire -must be same type of ammo. Can shoot all enemies with one attack.

The Background



Lunairllie WChTywo

The world of blinding darkness, everlasting black clouds and smog. A world completely enveloped by its own advancements that every step taken to prolong and enrich the lives of those who live there, in turn, decay and destroy the very land its built on. Practically the entire planet isn't habitable for one reason or another, mostly due to the fact the vast majority of the planet is covered in sea with very little land mass. The small land mass that is available is extremely built upon, without a single scrap of land wasted to try and fit in as much as physically possible in both places for people to live as well as all the essentials those that live there need. Causing a load of pollution to form in clustered areas, almost blocking out the sun entirely in some places. The people who called this planet home are quite diverse in nature, having some who look almost human in nature, some who's skin seems to be covered in scales and even some that are made from rock. One thing all who live here share in common however, is their short height with someone reaching five foot being considered extremely tall.

Despite being an advanced civilization, Johentaro's level of technology wasn't actually that advanced. Though one of their most recent additions to technology was their own form of television and cartoons that became increasingly more and more popular across the entire planet as time went on. Almost reaching a point where full on cults were made in name of some of the cartoons that were created. There were many forms of cartoons made, those meant for education, those for entertainment, those specifically aimed for adults and obviously, those made for children.

Lunairllie KYDSAZ9

In came Tiri, a teenage girl of the more hum-esk diversity of the inhabitants of Johentaro whom ever since a young age had trouble fitting in. No matter what she did or what she tried, she always seemed to be awful at whatever it was she was trying. Everyone was better than her and throughout her school life, it'd take quite an effect on how the other kids saw her. She was teased, bullied and exiled from any possible friend group she could of been invited to. It upset and angered her. On so many occasions Tiri would try with all her might to find something, anything she was good at or anything she could claim to be better at than others. Yet despite her determination throughout her early years, such a skill was never found for her.

During times where she had given up for the day or was simply in a sour mood, Tiri would spend her time watching these new cartoons that had taken her world by storm. Despite it being a little childish in reality for her, she couldn't help but love a specific cartoon made about dragons and dragon like people. The show fascinated her and quite quickly she became extremely invested in it, making sure to catch every episode and even ended up buying merch made specifically for the show. It wasn't like she'd care if anyone knew she watched something childish, not with how she was already treated anyway.

Lunairllie SqaPQwX

On one cold morning, as the sky was its usual dark and cloudy self. Tiri awoke in a sad and lonely mood. She'd get out of bed, get dressed as she always did, enter her bathroom like she always did... Then stopped and sighed. She couldn't be bothered to brush her teeth that morning, in fact she couldn't be bothered to do anything that morning. Instead trouncing out onto her apartments balcony and leaning over it with a hefty sigh. She was tired of this endless routine, this endless cycle of trying and failing. She wished life was more simple, more like the cartoons she watched, more like any of them really. They all seemed much more bright, fun and happier places to be. Yet here she was stuck. After a good twenty minutes, she'd turn and try to take a step back towards her apartment, though at that moment her leg cramped up. She slipped. She fell. Though her balcony's floor never met her, instead...


She'd awaken with an awful headache. Rubbing her eyes as she pushed herself up to a seated position and stretched out her wings. Something felt... Different. Though Lunairllie could never truely tell what. Despite that, she had no idea where she had wound up. Surrounded by strange areas of shadow, decay and death to areas of light, joy and tranquility with hundreds of variants all around. The place seemed to be in total chaos, with creatures of all shapes and sizes roaming, the world seemed to be each of their own. No one owned anything, yet everyone owned everything. A place could be yours, or it couldn't. Though no one would fight you over it. This was the Shadow's Reccreation. A place where lost souls are reborn in their own self image, their own desires, their own needs. Nothing more, nothing less. A limbo. Both paradise and hell. Where those who woke there spent the rest of eternity. Or at least, that was how it always had been.

By this stage, way over a thousand years had passed since Luna had first awoken here, she was still none the wiser as to where she was, why she was here, or where she'd come from before. Though the dragon had plenty of time to come to terms with who she was now and had begun to give up her seemingly eternal search to find something interesting on this strange after-world. It had everything she ever needed, which is why having nothing sounded so appealing. It was no fun, no hard work, everything was given to her for free and she could never prove herself to be strong and capable if that was how life was always going to be! Yet one day a glimmer of hope appeared, with all the oddities she had discovered in her travels she didn't take the strange tall tower for much at first. Though when she found herself not able to leave back to where she had called home for so long, a spark of excitement filled her. She'd escaped. She was free! And it didn't take her long to also note she was once again among those of mortal nature. Luckily for her too, there was a very special place on this tower that she'd love to call home, that she'd love to conquer, that she'd love to belong.

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Lunairllie Empty Re: Lunairllie

on Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:11 pm
Looks good to me!... not that I have any say around here. I'll grade fully when ya get to the main site though I think the weakness should have a higher chance to cause searing burn... like 20%
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