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Medicine Mom

Medicine Mom SFyA5pJ

”You’re sick? Dear me, well, this should fix you up.”

The Biography

Birth Name: Venlafaxine Aciclovir Methylphenidate Valchlor
Aliases: Medicine Mom, Ven
Gender: Male, Identifies as Female
Age: 24
Birth Day: Day of Curing, Culirac 45
Species/Race Name: Mikal
Original Homeworld Name: Advair Diskus
Arcana: Empress
Place of Residence: Middle Ward
Evoker: Feathered Pen
Academy Semester: N/A

Full Time Job: Pharmacist, owns a private pharmacy in the Middle Ward

Ven is biologically and physically male. There is little for one to assume anything about how she prefers to be called. Albeit, she won’t bite if someone refers to her as a man. She has short brown hair and orange eyes, red tattoos being found directly under them. She has pale skin, although it is tanned slightly in some places, such as her nose and hands. She commonly wears very relaxed and baggy clothing, a comically oversized kimono always draped over he body regardless of the weather. She also tends to paint her nails as well as wearing hair ornaments.
She stands at 5’ 6’’ and weighs around 100 lbs.

Ven is a kind a caring woman, a wise person who has seen much in her life. She is a practitioner of medicine and spends a lot of her time running her pharmacy and helping anyone she can that makes their way to her shop. She has a motherly air about her, insisting people call her ‘Medicine Mom’ regardless of age.
She is very passionate about health and staying healthy, though, it’s said she is quite sickly herself. Though, she’ll often deny any symptoms she may have, stating it’s because of the weather or an accidental dose of this or that. She never wants people to worry about her, preferring to take care of others.
Ven often considers others as a guest and patient of hers. She enjoys treating them if they have any form of illness and will often treat them like a child or close friend. There are very few who she would consider someone not worthy of her affection.
She is very easily angered if one repeatedly calls her a him though. It’s said her medicine quickly becomes poison if one pushes this button too much.
Outside of this, Ven is the mother of an adopted son. An incredibly sickly lad that she dotes over constantly. It’s hard to tell whether the sickness is mental or physical, but a lot of time and effort is put into the welfare of her son.

The Potential


Strength Name: Healing Nature
Description: Mikal are naturally more knowledgeable about how to heal others. In battle, and with the use of persona, this holds just as true. Ven’s healing spells are 15% more effective on her allies.

Strength Name: Motherly Nature
Description: Ven has an openly motherly nature. She’ll treat all like her children regardless of age, stature, etc. Because of this, while in a battle all participants of the battle will gain a 10% resistance to Fear.

Strength Name: Medical Manipulation
Description: Due to Ven’s knowledge of medicine, she’s easily able to use the most out of any medicine she uses on another person. Because of this, SP and HP restoring items restore 5 points more than normal.

Strength Name: Calm Nature
Description: Ven is very calm in most situations, very little honestly getting under her skin. Unless something specific is brought up, she’ll stay cool and collected in most social situations and will always keep a level head.

Strength Name: Child Care
Description: Ven takes care of her ill son on a daily basis. There is very seldom a moment that he isn’t on her mind. Due to this, she has developed a second sense regarding knowing where her son is at. Should he ever be in a dungeon for any reason, Ven would have a general idea of where he would be at.

Racial Strength Name: The Hands That Heal
Description: Mikal are born with the ability to concoct amazing medicines with little to no effort. Their minds can analyze an illness, the body it is affecting, and the proper antidotes to cure it. As far as medicine goes, a Mikal can create a vast array of medicines that has multiple effects on the body, good or bad. (Shop Strength. Allows the creation of a shop at Rank 4.)


Weakness Name: Self Sacrifice
Description: Due to Ven’s self-sacrificial nature, she’ll often care less about herself than she would about others. Due to this, her heals targeting herself are 15% less effective.

Weakness Name: Weak Constitution
Description: Ven is not the most able person, constantly finding herself at the short end of the stick as far as barring the elements. Because of this, all elemental ailments are 15% more effective on her.

Weakness Name: Self Aid
Description: Ven can administer medication on others with ease, but to herself is a different story. It takes a special kind of doctor to know how to deal with medicating oneself, and Ven simply doesn’t hold that kind of knowledge. HP and SP restoring items used by Ven to restore herself are 5 points less effective.

Weakness Name: Certain Buttons
Description: Ven is a very calm person, nothing really bothering her. She prefers to treat all kindly, and she enjoys their company. However, there are few buttons that when pressed she will never really recover from. Don’t ask too deeply about her past, her son, or ever call her a he more than once.

Weakness Name: Need To Protect
Description: Ven’s guilt over her son drives her to constantly take care of him. Every waking moment is spent thinking of him, trying to heal him. It is a form of self-sacrifice she doesn’t seem able to hold back on. Because of this, should her son ever be in a dungeon, she will be forced to go after him and won’t be able to stop until she saves him.

Racial Weakness Name: The Heart That Aches
Description: Mikal are healers, and as such, violence is against their nature. While some Mikal were touched by hatred and rage, chaos swelling in their hearts, Ven was untouched by this taint and stays pure to this day. Ven is incapable of inflicting any damage to an opponent. All attacking stats are reduced to 0 perpetually and Ven cannot use a gun or summon forth a soul bound weapon. Should Ven ever directly deal damage to an opponent, she will instantly be inflicted with Panic, Distress, and be drained of half her HP and SP.

The Background

Advair Diskus was a peaceful world. There were no wars, no conflict, no one went without. Advair Diskus was the home of the Mikal, a race of beings who were drawn to helping others. They specialized in medicine, and pursuits of care and compassion to all who surrounded them. It was a strange world, it was like no one really had a will, but soon that would be challenged.

Venlafaxine Aciclovir Methylphenidate Valchlor was the grand healer to a major city of Advair Diskus. They pioneered new technologies and medicine that only improved the livelihood of the Mikal. As grand healer, she was tasked with being akin to a mayor, a great leader of the people. She aided her people while advancing towards an even more peaceful world. Though, in her reign as grand healer, conflict grew.

Injustice had occurred, and for the first time in Mikal history, there was conflict. This conflict grew and grew, it transformed into hatred and eventually war. It was a difficult situation, and it was impossible to deal with as it had never happened before. Mikal was given a choice though. As the ruler of the largest city of technology, they had access to medicines that could completely pacify those who were warring. Too basically turn people into a vegetative state.

Ven was forced to choose peace for her people, but at the cost of so many lives or to let war consume her entire world. The decision was heavy, and it weighed on her so. She couldn’t decide, it was too much for her. And so she went to meditate on what she would do. When she finally settled on her choice, a tragedy happened.

Junction, a mass of chaos and insanity appeared upon a mountain that overlooked Ven’s great city. The sudden appearance caused the mountain’s structure to crumble, and so her city was consumed by the mountain. Ven was devastated and spent five days searching the rumble for anyone alive. She found but one young man, ill and dying without much chance to survive.

Ven did the only thing she could think to do, something was calling her to the chaotic tower that breached the sky. She stumbled up the mountain, a week’s journey to get to the city’s base. And so, she was brought into the city as a refugee of what Junction had done. She got medical care for her and now her adoptive son. And thus, the rest is history.

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