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Ven's NPCs Empty Ven's NPCs

on Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:21 pm
Ven's NPCs CNAhpaJ

Name: Anisakiasis Vibriosis Yersiniosis Listeriosis Valchlor
Gender: Male
Race: Mikal
Age: 19
Arcana: Death

Normally calm and mild mannered, Ani's personality can be quite volatile at times. Because of this, he is normally sedated and kept comatose as to keep him calm and to not injure himself. He is a caring person though, often times fussing over Ven's devotion to him when he's well enough to talk. A kind soul who wishes he didn't cause Ven so much trouble.

Anisakiasis, commonly called Ani, is Ven's adopted son. He was a Mikal living within the great city Ven had presided over, happily living a peaceful life and hoping to become a great doctor in the near future. However, the terrible events that led to the downfall of Advair Diskus took a tole on his family, and his parents soon became sick with stress. Unfortunately, even with his best efforts his parents had died and caused a great rift in his heart. His health took a turn for the worst, and he was forced to relocate to a hospital in the heart of the city. Though, in a dire accident Junction appeared and caused a landslide to destroy the city. Ani was the sole survivor by chance, but his injuries were vast and his illness only worsened. He was eventually saved by Ven who devoted her life to protecting him and seeing him back to full health.

Ven's NPCs VKdIhMC

Name: Bag-chan(?)
Gender: Female(?)
Race: Kinder
Age: 22
Arcana: Jester

A rather rambunctious person who comes to Ven's shop almost daily. She's(?) rather strange though, constantly asking for strange medication and never giving an answer as to why she(?) needs them. Most everything about her(?) is a mystery, though it's clear she(?) cares for Ven a great deal more than is really warranted. She(?) has always refereed to Ven as 'mom' and is a rather happy to talk to people.

Little is actually known about Bag-chan(?)'s personal life or history. Even her race is a complete unknown as she(?) has done her(?) best to hide everything about her(?). Ven hypothesis she is of a humanoid race with no particularity special abilities, though, it's said her mere tenacity at being a complete mystery is worth something in its own right. She(?) is at least known to live somewhere in the Middle Ward and practically lives at Ven's shop.

Ven's NPCs EPOihd5

Name: Ehun Adina
Gender: Female
Race: Wizened
Age: 102
Arcana: Strength

A wise old woman who is one of Ven's neighbors. A kind soul who is always willing to give Ven a helping hand if needed. She is rather active despite her age, often times doing Ven's laundry against her will and taking walks with the mysterious Bag-chan(?). She's a bold old woman though, and she takes a no nonsense approach regardless of who you are. She'd rather people speak their minds than try and hide it behind a mask.

A wizened who has lived the majority of her life on Junction. She has done very little in terms of making a name for herself though, opting out of the chance to use her wisdom to gain glory in favor of living a peaceful life that she would have never had the chance to have on her home world. Wizened are a strange, humanoid race that seem to have an incredible amount of knowledge on people and social interactions. It's unclear to Ven as to why exactly this is, but its clear Ehun has the ability to see things about a person that others simply can't. Ven treats her like a frail grandma even though Ehun says she has a few more years on her.
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